How Will You Know When A Tooth Extraction Is Imminent?

There really is only one proper way to know. It is really only my dentist who can say for sure that I better get in for a tooth extraction near me bakersfield. But in the meantime, just between you and me, let’s just go through the most common reasons for having a tooth extraction done. There could be trauma to the teeth. There could be the occurrence of a dental abscess. And periodontal disease could be quite far down the road.

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Trauma to teeth usual results from injury. While they say that this is usually related to sports, there are other incidents. There is the roadside accident, and then there is the workplace incident. All things being said, it is in cases like these that an emergency tooth extraction would usually be required. But whether or not an extraction is needed would still depend on the type of injury as well as its location and severity.

If it’s not severe, the affected tooth could still be repaired. But if, for example, a front tooth has been cracked and a fracture has occurred in the gum line, no treatment is possible and the tooth would have to be removed. The occurrence of a dental abscess could be quite painful. It is usually an infection in or around the teeth and causes a pocket of pus to form. It is gross, to say the least. And there are different reasons for the abscess occurring.

The abscess simply cannot heal on its own. And if ignored, infection could spread. And should this happen, there is no alternative but to have the affected tooth or teeth removed. Finally, in the case of periodontal disease, deep pockets of bone decay may already have occurred.